Mobile Repair Gurgaon

Welcome to Mobile repair. We began our voyage from Delhi NCR in winter 2015. We are group of energetic Mobile repair(service engineer) who needs to alter the versatile fixes industry by making your portable fixes administration process as smooth as your buy of new portable. We want to fix your telephone directly before you at your helpful time with the goal that your information well being isn't undermined and spare your voyaging time and cost. We put stock in our administration quality, so we likewise give administration guarantee.

Our Process

Phone Testing

Mobile-device testing function to assure the quality of mobile devices, like mobile phones, PDAs, etc. The testing will be conducted on both hardware and software. And from the view of different procedures, the testing comprises R&D testing, factory testing and certificate testing.

Fault Finding

Mobile Phone Fault Finding for Mobile Cell Phone Repairing – In order to repair any mobile cell phone, we must find and know fault or problem present in Different Sections of Mobile Phone, Parts and Components. If we know about problems of different parts and components present in different sections inside a mobile cell phone then we can easily repair the fault by checking the component.


Repair guides and disassembly information for Android phones of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Android Phone troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. Mobile repair is the ultimate destination for all things mobile. Tablet, Mac, and cell phone repair, protection, and more.

What Makes Us Different.

Always keep the Workstation Neat and Clean: This is very important to have workstation neat and clean. A clean workstation always gives positive vibes and helps in order to fix problems quickly.

Keep Secure Customer’s Data:Whenever, you’re going to repair a mobile phone, keep in your mind that you have secured customer’s important data..

Spares Should Be Available:While fixing a mobile phone you need to make sure that you have all the necessary parts that you want to replace. It would be helpful for you if you keep the spare parts in the stock.

Keep SIM Card and Memory Card Safely:SIM card and Memory card both are very important for the customer, when you take any phone for repair from a customer, make sure if the SIM card and the Memory card is safe

Check Mobile Phone Properly!Once you get the fixed mobile phone, you need to check if you have done all the necessary steps. You can see if all the important functions are working properly or not like voice mike, speaker, touch, and make sure it’s not getting warm while charging.

Our Services

Mobile repairing gurgaon is best repairing Solution that, helps in Repairing your phone

Online Mobile Repair

We give on-the-spot repairs to your Mobile phones at your doorstep.

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IPhone repair at home

Mobile Repair provides iphone repair service at your home

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IPhone x LCD repair

Accidents happen. If your screen gets cracked, we can help.We deliver the same high-quality service with genuine Apple parts.

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MacBook repair service

We offers you a complete Apple Mac Book repair service with reasonable pricing, Service Warranty, and Genuine Spare parts.

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IPhone water damage repair

We offers you a Water Damage repair service with affordable pricing, and Genuine Spare parts.

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IMac repair

Quick, Convenient, cost-efficient Apple Mac repair and services.We specialize in the repair and upgrade all Apple Mac Computers

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Mobile Repair provides vertu mobiles repair service.We specialize in the repair and upgrade all Vertu mobile

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Porsche Design

Mobile Repair provides Porsche Design mobiles repair service.We specialize in the repair and upgrade all Porsche Design mobile

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